Golf Cart Mister


Price: $499.00


Golfers love to play year round yet they find themselves so hot they limit their play...not anymore...

Golfers love to play year round yet they find themselves so hot they limit their play...not anymore... Mister-Comfort reduces the playing temperature by up to 25 degrees.

  • Up to 25 degree drop in ambient temperature
  • Tank lasts for 6 hrs. per single fill
  • Completely assembled, ready to go
  • Optional bracket for permanent install
  • Quick connect pump to misting bar
  • 180psi 12vdc; 2 amp max. pump
  • Battery connection terminals
  • Mist tubing has a 10 year UV rating
  • Simple, accessible on/off switch
  • Less than 5 decibels - silent operation
  • Tank: 21" X 10.75" X 8.25"
  • Misting Bar: 3.5" X 24"
  • One year system warranty

"It’s so HOT I didn't enjoy playing golf anymore until I discovered Mister-Comfort’s golf cart misting system. I can now play an entire round of golf and not get overheated"

Jon B., Orlando FL

We have developed a misting system which provides a COOL refreshing mist specifically designed for golf carts. It uses the scientifically proven theories of evaporative cooling and thermal dynamics to simply remove the heat out of the air leaving a cool refreshing temperature behind. Golf courses which offer misting systems report an increase in the extra green fees from increased traffic on hot afternoons. The misting systems easily pay for themselves through increased cart fees and rentals.


Installs easily in any golf cart. Place in basket or for a more permanent installation use bracket.


Completely assembled misting bar design for quick and easy installation to COOL both driver and passenger.


Four gallon tank provides ample water to COOL for a full 18 holes of golf.


Connects to golf cart’s batteries with no performance issues to the cart.


It’s so silent it won’t interfere with your golf game.


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Price: $499.00